Understand What’s Going on With The US & Global Financial System & How It Effects Your Money

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Although understanding the Global & US Financial System can be complicated and messy, it’s crucial to understand how it works since the state of the Financial System directly impacts everything in your personal economy and life. Sovereign Radio gets nitpicky with popular topics like our current financial system and central banking on their financial and economic system radio show in Abilene, TX the US and online.

We will go Deep into the inner workings of:
The 100+ year old Current Fiat Currency System run by the Central Banks and the upcoming Reset of the Global Financial System. We also take a look at the monetary value of precious metals, bitcoin and the role they play in your future. Learn a little more every week by listening to our Financial & Economic System radio show.
Money makes the world go round

Economics, and more importantly, your finances, determine what you can and can’t do in this world. On our finance radio show, we’ll go over important national and global topics that relate to your money. This includes:

100 Year Old Central Banking System- Privately owned Federal Reserve, Fiat Currency, Debt based Globalist Financial System.
The Financial Reset- Global Currency Reset, Gold/Asset Backed System, New Structure – QFS, Quantum Financial System
Global trade deals
Trump/U.S. Bilateral Trade Deals vs. Globalist Trade Deals- USMCA, China Trade Deal vs. NAFTA & TPP
The Superpowers versus the Central Banks- Trump-Putin- Xi Pact- The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend

Get the information you want in an enjoyable and uncensored way. Tune into our finance radio show this Saturday at 9 a.m.

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