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Scotty Saks

Contact Information
Scotty Saks
3830 Valley Centre Dr. #705-704
San Diego, CA. 92130

Personal Information
Date of Birth: 12/19/1959
Place of Birth: Chicago, IL
Citizenship: United States of America
Visa Status: Current- Mexico
Marital Status: Divorced
Children: Daughter – Age 13

Education: B.S. Marketing -Northern Illinois University 1981
Glenbrook South High School – Glenview, IL. 1977
Mentored by a US Marine & Veteran of Korean War (Father Edward)

Professional Career
Scotty was fortunate enough to begin his Professional Career while in High School by working with his Father Edward, a Television and Radio Producer. At age 17, Under the tutelage of his father, Scotty was working on a Syndicated Television Production with Broadcast legends Arthur Godfrey & Art Linkletter. Performing duties as a Grip on the Set of the “Arthur Godfrey Variety & Entertainment Special”, as well as in the boardroom with his father negotiating the syndication of the show to TV Stations. Being involved at such a young age with this Godfrey TV special, Scotty was hooked, and attended Northern Illinois University knowing he wanted to continue a career in Broadcast TV &. He graduated with a BS in Business.

While attending Northern Illinois University, Scott continued his pursuit of a Broadcast Sales & Marketing career working in Sales at the Local College Radio station and becoming involved in several Political campaigns. The first was a successful campaign to Run as Senator representing his District in the Student Government. Next, Scotty acted as Campaign Manager and ran the Campaign for a group Running for Student Government President, VP and Treasurer. The same year, Scotty was involved in The Presidential Campaign of Illinois Congressman John B. Anderson, who ran against Reagan & Carter in 1980. The time in Student Government and working on Campaigns would also be life shaping experiences and get the Political Juices flowing.

Upon graduation from NIU in 1981, Scotty started his Media Management company. The company would go on to work with Local, Regional and National Advertisers and handle all Advertising / Media Negotiations with Broadcast TV & Radio stations and networks.
The company grew to managing Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in media including General Market and Hispanic Advertising, Sponsorship and Syndication of TV & Radio properties, and Sports Sponsorships. Client Projects included:

Broadcast TV & Radio Media Management:
Mercedes Benz
Nissan Parts & Service
Mr. Submarine
Play it Again Sports
USA Baby
National Land Partners.

Advertising & Sponsorship deals include working with:
MLB,, NHL, NFL, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, , NBC Sports, (Many other Cable Networks)
CBS Radio, iHeart Radio, Sirius Radio & Townsquare Radio.

Television & Radio Syndication
*Johnny Cash America Folklore. (200 Radio Stations)
*James Brown – Live at Chastain Park (Over 100 TV stations)
*Success Factors- Radio Syndication of a Radio feature segment based on the Book by the same name authored by Eugene Greisman.
*Air Shows & Stunts International. (Air Shows on Regional Cable Sports)
*Off Shore Boat Racing (ESPN)

Scotty’s role included Executive Producer – Funding the Projects through Sponsorship Sales and handling Syndication of the Programming across TV & Radio stations throughout the USA & Canada

In 2000 Scotty recognized the emergence of the internet and Digital Media. He developed an online Data Collection model that was sold to a Public Company looking to enter the Digital Marketing Space. Scotty spent the next two years spearheading the sales of the data collection platform to National Major Brands including:
•Sports Illustrated
•Burger King
•Meredith Publishing
•Geico Insurance

Under the e-commerce Solutions business model, Scotty led the company’s stock growth 1600%. This led to Scotty becoming involved in the Advertising & Marketing space of emerging technologies including Mobile Marketing, On Line Streaming (OTT) and various digital marketing platforms.

In 2009-2010 Scotty moved behind the microphone to host a Talk Radio Show in the Phoenix Market. The show focused on Business & Sports talk. He also went on in 2014 to start a Radio Network “The Expert Radio Network”, giving voice to experts on Radio in Real Estate, Finance, & Personal Development. The Network was sold to a Canadian firm in 2015.

In 2016 Scotty worked on the Presidential Campaign for Donald J. Trump in Southern California. He did both Election canvassing, telemarketing and even Set up for a big Trump Rally in San Diego.

In 2020 He continues to operate his small, privately held Media Management company, Media Market Services Corporation providing Media Management Services to Small & Mid-Size Companies, bringing Millions of Dollars in Advertising & Sponsorship revenue to the Main Stream Media (Something Scotty loses sleep over ). Being completely woke in 2010, he was uncomfortable supporting MSM ,but already 30 years into building a successful Broadcast Media & Digital Media business. In April of 2020, Scotty returns to Radio to host the Talk Show “Sovereign Radio”, on KYYW News Talk 1470 in Texas.

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