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Politics are diverse and controversial, with a variety of topics that come up in political discussion, both on air and online! Sovereign Radio brings the most popular issues to you in Abilene, TX, the USA and the globe. On our geo-political radio station, there are no rules. We’ll talk about the topics you really want to hear. We cover subjects the Main Stream Media won’t touch. What you will hear on Sovereign Radio is pointed, uncensored & unfiltered insight…Here are just some of the topics we explore:

The Attempted Coup of President Trump
Deep State: Structure, Purpose, Apparatuses, Geography, The People
The Reset of the Rule of Law: AG Barr, The IG Report, Huber and Durham Criminal Investigations, Coming Senate Investigations
The Importance of Installing Independent Judges
Why the Democrats, the Left & Deep State hate President Trump- The existential threat: President Trump & the Senate have appointed over 180 Judges in 3 years!
Hot Spots like North & South Korea and The Middle East
The Superpower Peace Pact- Trump-Putin-Xi bound by common interest
China – The True Geo-Poltical threat to USA Sovereignty- Why is this the Operative Word? Local, National and Individual Sovereignty

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