Everyone’s Always Saying the Same Thing About the Media

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The Main Stream Media (MSM) including Big Tech Social Media Giants deliver & curate news, entertainment and sports to us daily. From politics to the economy and popstars to award ceremonies, the MSM always seems to be in lock step with the same narrative. However, what you may not know is how the media seeks to control the story, indoctrinate the public and influence your life on a daily basis. Sovereign Radio takes a closer look at how the media portrays specific topics and issues based on the real agenda!
Unlike the MSM, every topic is fair game

On our U.S. media radio show, we show no mercy. We’ll get down and dirty with all of the topics you really want to hear more about, including:

How America’s media was hijacked by the CIA and the deep state
How six companies have been controlling 90% of U.S. media
The Mockingbird Media – The Story of how The CIA infiltrated the so called “Fourth Pillar” and remains in control today of MSM
The democrats and the MSM- Partners in Crime and an Unholy alliance

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